... include the use of water, gas and electricity as well as the end cleaning. These costs are calculated based on the number of persons: Adults, children and animals pay each GBP 1 per day.

As the end cleaning is not free even for the smallest houses, the minimum fee for the utilities is GBP 60 per unit and holiday period.

Alternatively it is possible to calculate to utilities locally according to the usage, if the guest takes care of the end cleaning himself, supplies bottle gas himself and has the meters read for the usage of water and electricity. 

There is a special rule for heating and air conditioning:

  • Generally you can rent electrical heaters at the service center. Depending on the usage the fee is about GBP 8 to 12 per day including the electricity. Gas heaters can be rented for GBP 3 per day excluding the gas.  
  • The heating costs for possibly available gas-fired central heating are calculated according to the gas meter. The price, which is subject to significant changes, is about GBP 7 per cubic metre.
  • Possibly available air conditioning can be used on request. The usage of electricity will be charged seperately.